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Lone Star Overnight provides regional, overnight delivery in Texas, Oklahoma, West Louisiana, South New Mexico and Mexico. With a selection of services you used to only expect from the national carriers, Lone Star Overnight’s unique regional footprint allows for an increased level of service at a lower price. A smaller service area allows deliveries to be made overnight, on any regular business day, at prices comparable to two and three day service from the nationals.

Priority Services

No Fuel Surcharge With LSO Simple!

  • 8:30 a.m. Delivery
  • 10:30 a.m. Delivery
  • 3:00 p.m. Delivery
  • Saturday Delivery
A New Way to Ship in 2011:

LSO Simple matches the leading national carrier's published rates for similar priority services, when you ship online with your registered WebShip account - just check the Simple box... Plus

  • No pick up fees
  • No residential fees
  • No extended delivery fees
  • and No fuel surcharge


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Introducing LSO's new E-Invoice program!
  • Invoices can be sent to multiple e-mail addresses
  • Faster bill delivery
  • Paperless (opting in to E-Invoicing means no paper invoice)

Contact customer service at 800-800-8984 or e-mail einvoice@lso.com to sign up!



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