Frank Limbaugh

Vice President of Sales

Frank Limbaugh is the Vice President of Sales at (formerly Express Courier International) — Franklin, TN. 2001 to present. Mr. Limbaugh's 30+ years in the industry provides a unique perspective for analysis of the logistics environment to determine proper placement of products and services and implement strategies to achieve results as related to Supply Chain management. During his 18-years with LSO he has both directed a sales team and as well as operations staff to implement business unit strategies to maximize revenue and productivity. His current task is to direct the sales and marketing efforts of providing Same Day Logistics, Parcel Overnight and Warehousing services to small and large businesses.

Prior to joining the LSO family Mr. Limbaugh spent 13 years with The Williams Company in Tulsa, OK 1988 to 1999 as Vice President Fleet Services. Mr. Limbaugh’s role was oversight of Government and Small Business Fleet Fueling programs for Fuelman supporting companies with fleet vehicles as well as the State and county government agencies in TN/KY/AK. Mr. Limbaugh was on the team for Williams that developed, launched and implemented marketing and sales strategies to the present Fleet One fueling credit card, maintenance tracking, and vehicle procurement for business owners with fleets and government agencies across the US.

Mr. Limbaugh put his entrepreneurial spirit to work when he joined several others to launch Sky Quest, LLC - Murfreesboro, TN. /1999 to 2001. Responsible for operations, finance, and marketing of computer hardware and software, and Internet distribution of products and services. They Implemented ISP in local communities, who in those days had limited access to internet services outside large metro areas.

Frank Limbaugh is celebrating 42 years of marriage this year to his wife Pat; they reside in the Nashville area. They have two married daughters with 2 grand daughters and a grandson.

Frank Limbaugh
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