Senderra Rx

Senderra is a specialty pharmacy serving patients with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis

Senderra Rx, Richardson, TX

PROBLEM: Reliability
Senderra ships expensive, sensitive medications to residents and was experiencing late, lost and damaged packages with competitive carriers.

SOLUTION: Superior service
LSO provides superior quality next-day service. Friendly, uniformed drivers deliver critical packages to patients in need. LSO refrigerates packages when necessary and ensures medicines are received by patients, even if multiple return visits are required.

Voice of the Customer
LSO goes above and beyond to make sure these important and valuable medicines get to our patients on time and intact.” “We really don’t have to worry about LSO,” Hix commented about Senderra’s peace of mind with their regional shipper. “They have been a valuable partner in our rapidly growing business.
– Jeremy Hix, Vice President of Pharmacy Production Operations, Senderra Rx

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What our customers are saying

Read what customers are saying about LSO and their experience with our services:

“We take shipping seriously. Lone Star provides consistent and reliable service day in and day out.”
Norma Linda Hurtado, Shipping Coordinator, Unique Employment, Corpus Christi, TX

“A growing number of shippers are using regional parcel carriers to complement the service of the national provider.”
Rob Martinez, Parcel Magazine, 2012

“LSO has become a vital business tool for the success of my business.”
Ricardo Benavides, CEO, Elite Driving Systems, Harlingen, TX

“We have been Lone Star customers for many years. They meet our demanding expectations."
Haydeline Solis, Quality Control Manager, Fred Loya Insurance

“Ana-Lab has received exceptional service from LSO for our time-sensitive shipping needs."
Stanley Palk, Ana-Lab Corp., Austin, TX

“We highly recommend LSO for all business and home deliveries.”
Howard Biel, Solaris Pharmacy, Decatur, TX