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As of 8/8/23 LSO no longer offers shipping supplies. Any outstanding orders will not be fulfilled. LSO will accept any packaging as long as it has an LSO airbill

LSO Customers: A message about shipping delays

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Even with pandemic-related bottlenecks in the global supply chain, manufacturing in the US is on the rise, a trend that is expected to continue. But once your product is made, whatever it may be, you want to be sure it can get where it needs to go so you can capitalize on the growth. 

Whether you’re a small, specialized plant or the local arm of a much larger manufacturing company, you need a shipping carrier that can keep up with your needs. As longtime players in the southwestern delivery game, LSO is here to provide you with the information you need to excel, no matter what size business you operate.
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Professional Shipping for Your Manufacturing BusinessYou need your products to get to customers in the best possible condition. Of course, the further you can reach, the more customers you can sell to. Wherever you are in the supply chain, having a carrier that can provide consistent, timely and cost-efficient shipping can be a game changer for your business, both in making your job easier and ensuring a base of satisfied customers. 

LSO offers regional southwest shipping — and beyond — at nearly half the cost of other carriers. On top of that, we’re happy to offer a range of convenient services that allow you to keep your focus on your product. Our full-service shipping provides:
Online pickup scheduling so you can do your shipping without making an extra trip
Automatic return label printing, to smooth out any bumps in the road you and your customers may experience
Easy rate calculation, so you and your customers can avoid guesswork
Delivery options tailored to fit your needs, to ensure your delivery pricing and timing is exactly what you need
Shipping essentials if you need supplies conveniently sent to your place of business
See more of the benefits and savings of having an online account with us here
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Your Customers’ Needs Are Your Needs 
If you consistently offer fast, reliable shipping, your clients will keep coming to you — so make sure you’re doing what it takes to keep customers happy, even after they’ve made their purchase. 

For any business or customer you ship to, there are few things worse than an unknown delivery date. No matter how you choose to ship, your customers need to know when to expect their shipment, and our online tracking service makes it easy to keep an eye on things.

As far as which shipping service to offer for smaller batches, it’s probably best to start with the basics (we recommend LSO Ground) to keep things at a lower price point while providing quick, reliable delivery of one to three business days. If you need something shipped faster, we offer plenty of next-day services, including early morning delivery. To decide which service might be best for your situation, check out our shipping options
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LSO Ships to Fit Your Manufacturing Business Needs

The world of manufacturing is constantly changing, but our commitment to top-notch service has never wavered. LSO has been in business for more than 30 years, providing fast and reliable shipping and high-quality customer service for over 30,000 packages a day in the southwest.  When you choose to partner with us, here’s the sort of comprehensive customer service you can only expect to find at LSO: 
Dedicated service from our Austin-based team; speak with live reps instead of dealing with the frustrations of an automated system
The best on-time rates and lowest damage claim rates, the best combo you can ask for in the shipping industry
Custom shipping options to fit your needs
Ready to get started? and our unique approach to caring for regional southwest businesses, or level up your shipping today when you open an account for faster checkout and greater savings!
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