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As of 8/8/23 LSO no longer offers shipping supplies. Any outstanding orders will not be fulfilled. LSO will accept any packaging as long as it has an LSO airbill

LSO Customers: A message about shipping delays

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Shipping & Logistics

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Shipping & Logistics

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Anyone in the world of logistics knows the importance of hitting targets. Whatever part of the supply chain you oversee, whether it’s a select number of links or the entire network, you’re fully aware that any delay can have major ramifications in your quest to get goods and services from point A to point B. You no doubt work closely with various delivery agents, but at LSO we believe you should never settle for any service less than what’s best for you. 

As longtime delivery experts, LSO provides the shipping know-how you need to take your logistics business from good to great. 
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Professional Shipping for Your Logistics Business Needs

No matter what scale your business operates on, you need a carrier that can keep you running to schedule. You may have a strict plan for where things need to go, but when it comes to choosing a shipping partner, you should have the flexibility to choose a carrier that fits. Whoever you choose, your carrier needs to offer fast, reliable service to implement your plan and make it shine. 

Not only does LSO have the network to do that, but we also offer regional southwest shipping at nearly half the cost of other carriers. In addition to the savings you’ll enjoy with LSO, our comprehensive approach to service exemplifies the efficiency you require. 

Our full-service shipping provides:
Online pickup scheduling for most locations, so you can stick to your schedule without having to worry about extra trips
Automatic return label printing, so any hiccups in the process are quickly solved
Easy rate calculation, to keep everyone on budget
Delivery options tailored to fit your needs, so you can pick exactly how and when your shipments are delivered
Shipping essentials if you need the added convenience of having supplies sent directly to you 
See more of the benefits and savings of having an online account with us here
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Your Customers’ Needs Are Your Needs

No matter what sort of clients you’re dealing with, the supply chain runs best when your carrier is quick and reliable. LSO takes care of that, but keeping your customers in the loop along the way is just good customer service. 

For customers, especially in your line of work, there are few things worse than an ambiguous delivery date. You may not choose next-day delivery every time — though LSO does offer plenty of overnight options — but you should always offer clear communication about when their shipment will arrive. Our online tracking service is easy to use and allows your partners to follow along and stick to a plan.  

As far as what shipping service to offer, your needs will dictate the rate. Fortunately, LSO has a wide array of speeds and price points available to ensure that you get exactly what you need. To decide which service might be best for your situation, check out our shipping options.
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Finding the Right LSO Shipping Solution for Your Logistics Business

Working in the logistics industry, you know better than anyone how important shipping is; with all the moving pieces in the supply chain, you need a carrier that will be efficient and consistent. LSO has been in business for more than 30 years, providing fast and reliable shipping and high-quality customer service for over 30,000 packages a day in the southwest.  

When you choose to partner with us, here’s the sort of comprehensive customer service you can only expect to find at LSO: 
Dedicated service from our Austin-based team; we only use live reps to give you the best possible care
The top on-time records in the shipping industry, exactly what you need in a logistics business
Lowest damage claims rate in the industry
Custom shipping options so you can pick what works best for any given situation
Ready to get started? Learn more about LSO and our unique approach to caring for regional southwest businesses. Or level up your shipping today when you open an account for faster checkout and greater savings, to the tune of 40% of the cost of other carriers! 
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