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As of 8/8/23 LSO no longer offers shipping supplies. Any outstanding orders will not be fulfilled. LSO will accept any packaging as long as it has an LSO airbill

LSO Customers: A message about shipping delays

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Our one-of-a-kind shipping model enables us to deliver your own personal rapid delivery system. Only LSO™ combines the speed of a courier, the discipline of a carrier and the service of a true partner. We’re more responsive, more flexible and more friendly than any other shipping company. That’s the power of LSO. Find out more here.
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I ship 1-10 packages per day

If you are someone who only needs to ship a few packages a day or even a few packages per month, LSO can help you out with reliable and cost savings. LSO is the preferred provider for people with small individual shipping needs or who have small companies, family businesses, or even an eBay or Etsy store.

But why use LSO if you’re shipping to Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and several other surrounding Southwest regions (and growing)? It’s because LSO is loyal to Texas businesses. Our customers are rooted in Texas and want to rely on a company who can best support their Texas customers.

We know what you look for in a shipping provider: on-time delivery, accurate shipping estimates, integrity, and an easy-to-use website that makes everything easy to understand. Having been in business for 30 years, we also understand what you don’t want: poor customer service, hidden fees, missed pickups, and lack of customer service. LSO provides you the reliable, necessary services you need for your home or business at prices up to 40% off “big shippers”.

With LSO, we treat you like a partner. Our goal is to help you get your packages where they need to be, safely and on time. If you own a small business or you’re growing a business from the ground up, we want to help grow with you. Every LSO customer has access to our world class Customer Service team. And when your shipping needs expand as does your business, we can even help connect you with a dedicated Account Executive on our Sales team that can get you all set up and make sure your shipping needs are taken care of so you can focus on your most valuable asset – your customers.
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I ship 10-50 packages per day

Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) rely on LSO for their day-to-day shipping needs. Businesses that must get dozens of packages every single day to their customers located in Texas, Oklahoma, and other surrounding areas in the Southwest region need to ensure they have a shipping company by their side for reliable pickups and deliveries, professional and courteous drivers, and accurate billing so they can focus on their daily responsibilities.

Most SMBs or businesses that deal with high shipping volumes, typically rely on the so-called “big shippers” with their overinflated prices, unreliable service, and often difficult to navigate websites. Forget all that when you work with LSO. We provide businesses like yours with a quality Customer Service team available by phone, chat, or email, a dedicated sales professional to help customize your entire shipping platform, and 30 years of dependable service, all for a cost that’s up to 40% lower than the other shipping providers.

LSO understands that your ground and express packages need to be delivered on time with minimal hassles such as complex integration, website difficulties, and lengthy onboarding times. Your Account Executive will help you set up your account, address your specific concerns, and customize your LSO shipping agreement to be as flexible as you need it to. We even make it easy for you to order new LSO supplies when you need them.

LSO has an amazing track record keeping our small-to-medium client base happy and coming back for more. It’s not too late to join them. Get in touch with our Sales team to get started.
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I ship 50+ packages per day

For the largest businesses shipping 50, 1,000, or even 10,000+ packages every single day (typically from multiple locations), you need a shipping company you can rely on who will keep your customers happy, uphold your valuable brand, and give you the best possible deal for your money. LSO is your go-to source for companies with multiple locations who need to get thousands of packages into the hands of those in the Southwest region of the country (primarily Texas!) – at the best possible price. You could potentially start saving as much as 40% below what you currently pay the big shipping companies.

If your current shipping provider has you concerned about meeting large order volumes, assuring packages arrive on-time and safely, and having pinpoint tracking accuracy, it may be time to consider LSO. With 30 years in the regional shipping business and a 98%+ on-time service rate, we are committed to customer service. And with as much shipping volume as your company has, knowing that LSO can save you up to 40% vs. big shipping companies is a hard benefit to pass up.

Whether you need to ship ground or express, LSO takes the time to understand your business’ full capabilities. Additionally, when it comes to needing a regional shipping provider to handle heavy shipping volume in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and more, LSO has you covered. Nobody does regional shipping better and we’ll help you make the transition over from your existing shipping provider as easy possible. We can even assist if you just want to use LSO exclusively for your Southwest regional shipping needs.

We know the last thing you want to worry about within a large organization is shipping and logistics reliability. Your customers will become our customers and we thrive on making all of our customers happy. Get in touch with our Sales Team and one of our dedicated Account Executives will help you customize your new shipping strategy.
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