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Lone Star Overnight Bucks Trend, Begins Delivery of Vaping Products in Texas

June 3, 2023
John Doe

Leading Southwest parcel delivery company offers services industry giants don’t.


AUSTIN, Texas, June 8, 2021 ( – Lone Star Overnight (LSO), announced the company has begun to deliver vaping products, a business recently dropped by all major shipping companies.

A change to federal law in late 2020 specifically banned the U.S. Postal Service from delivering vaping products to consumers. In spring 2021, major shippers including FedEx and UPS voluntarily followed suit, citing the difficulty of complying with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) regulations.

“We pride ourselves on doing things that other guys can’t, in ways that they won’t,” said Richard Metzler, CEO of Lone Star Overnight. “This is one way that we differentiate ourselves from the larger parcel delivery companies who are totally backing away from vape delivery.”

LSO has made significant investment in compliance processes, procedures and developing systems that will mitigate the possibility that vaping products end up in the wrong hands, Metzler said.

LSO will initially provide delivery services within Texas with future expansion plans under development.

About LSO

Lone Star Overnight (LSO™) is headquartered in Austin, TX and over the last 30 years has become the leading regional parcel delivery company throughout the Southwest. LSO has a network of 23 operating locations and serves all 3,000 zip codes in Texas, ~10% of all e-commerce orders in the USA and 80% of the population in Oklahoma, Eastern New Mexico and Western Louisiana. See for additional details.

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Alexis Quintal

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