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As of 8/8/23 LSO no longer offers shipping supplies. Any outstanding orders will not be fulfilled. LSO will accept any packaging as long as it has an LSO airbill

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Our one-of-a-kind shipping model enables us to deliver your own personal rapid delivery system. Only LSO™ combines the speed of a courier, the discipline of a carrier and the service of a true partner. We’re more responsive, more flexible and more friendly than any other shipping company. That’s the power of LSO. Find out more here.
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Make way for the new LSO website!

June 3, 2023

Exciting news: on Monday, September 27, Lone Star Overnight has launched our brand-new website! The new provides easy access to track package status, allow shippers to get detailed rates, ship instantly with (or without) an account, and make your daily shipping activities a quick and pain-free experience.

Now when you visit the new LSO homepage, you’ll be able to access your most common shipping tasks without even having to scroll down the page! This includes the ability to:

What to look for in the new

Easy package tracking

The first thing you’re likely to notice when you visit the new (besides the sleek new design), is that you’ll now have easier access than ever before to track your packages and view package status.

You can simply enter your package tracking number directly into the field marked “Track your package” and hit Track.

Looking to track multiple packages at a time? Simply select the “Track multiple packages” link above the Track button to enter up to 25 individual package tracking numbers and view all results at once. You can either cut and paste a list of tracking numbers into the first field or add each tracking number individually and click the “+ Add more tracking numbers” as needed. If using a list, be sure to have each tracking number on its own line or separate them with commas.


Get instant rate quotes

To find out how much it would cost to ship your package, simply provide the weight, the originating Zip code, and the destination Zip code. You then can designate whether you want to drop off your package to a nearby LSO drop box location or have one of our friendly, trustworthy LSO drivers pick it up at the originating Zip. You also can review the prices for both LSO Express and LSO Ground to see what fits your shipping needs (and budget).

Once you see the service that works for you and your shipment, simply click the price to start finalizing your package for shipment, including printing the shipping labels.

For those LSO Shippers who already have accounts, you will be able to view your specific rates when using the rate calculator once you login to your LSO account. (Want to see if your business qualifies for exclusive pricing? Talk to an LSO Account Representative today!)

More security

To provide a greater level of security for LSO shippers, we will be prompting every customer with an account to change their password. To prepare you for the process, here is what will happen:

When you visit on Monday, September 27, you should log in to your account.

From there you will be prompted to change your password.

Select a new password that only you would know (another tidbit of good news: we’re making the password selection process less restrictive than in the past to provide greater flexibility when creating your password!)

Check your email to confirm the password change.

Ship packages immediately

If you’re new to, you can ship your important packages by entering the package weight and dimensions, origination and destination mailing addresses, and credit card information through our secure payment processor. Simply click the SHIP WITH LSO NOW logo in the upper left corner of the menu, or the Ship now button in the center of the page to get started. You can also elect to set up your own LSO shipping account. Not only is it completely free, but you’ll have quick and easy access to:

You can also elect to set up your own LSO shipping account. Not only is it completely free, but you’ll have quick and easy access to:

  • Create shipping labels
  • Schedule pickup
  • Calculate rates and get a quote for further shipments
  • Access pricing guides for various LSO shipping options
  • View exclusive customer promotions
  • Track elements of your account such as:

               - Individual package status    

                - Detailed reports on pickup dates, printed dates,billing references, & more     

                - Proof of Delivery

Creating your optimal experience for the new

To get the most out of your experience, you want to visit the site on a browser that allows you to take full advantage of all the functionality of the website, as well as to easily perform tasks and queries.We recommend you use the latest version of one of the following desktop browsers which will enhance the end-to-end user experience: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

If you have older browsers installed on your computer, they could present significant security risks, or may no longer be supported by the company who created it. There’s good news, however: it’s very simple to download a more compatible web browser! Not only will you provide your home or business with the best LSO website experience, but you’ll also improve all your web browsing needs in a matter of minutes. To help, we have provided direct links to download the latest versions of the most popular web browsers:

·      Google Chrome

·      Apple Safari

·      Microsoft Edge

·      Mozilla Firefox

In the rare instance where you (or your IT department), are unable to install a new web browser, we can still help. Just contact our special new website support team, and they can assist you with troubleshooting the problem until you can update your on-hand technology.

For mobile users, the latest versions of Apple iOS and Android will be fully compatible with the new We recommend you check your individual device settings to ensure you have the most up-to-date version of mobile browsing software before working with the LSO website. For additional assistance, you can reference the resources below:

·      Apple iPhone iOS support

·      Android browser support

Get ready for a better LSO experience!

We’re hoping you’ll enjoy the streamlined look, feel, and performance of the new LSO website. You’ll be able to create package shipments and track packages easier than ever before. We’re also going to provide you with peace of mind that your company’s and personal information will be more secure than ever before.

If you have any questions about the new website, or simply want to provide feedback about how looks and operates, feel free to reach out to the new website support team.

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