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LSO Announces Saturday Parcel Delivery Service

June 3, 2023
Jason Smith

Saturday is now a normal residential delivery day in advance of peak season 2021


AUSTIN, Texas, April 20, 2021 ( – Lone Star Overnight (LSO), the leading regional parcel delivery company throughout the Southwest, announces that it will incorporate Saturdays into its normal delivery schedule starting May 1, 2021. Starting next month, LSO also will deliver B2C e-commerce packages as part of its normal service at no additional charge.

Richard M. Metzler, chief executive officer of LSO, said the main driver for the change is increased demand from e-commerce merchants to fill part of the gap FedEx and UPS are leaving in the parcel delivery market. “In my opinion, our customers come to us (and other regional parcel carriers) for three fundamental reasons: One, better service, two, double-digit savings in most cases due to lower overhead, and three, we are a ton easier and less bureaucratic. Now there is a fourth reason: capacity.”

Metzler went on to say, “Our customers had been asking us about Saturday, and it became a win-win as they diverted more volume from FedEx and UPS. That gave us the density we needed to be productive six days per week. This will add to our capacity and ability to help deliver more e-commerce orders that, stated simply, the other guys won’t.”

According to LSO COO Mike Boyzuick, “This is the first of several we will be announcing in the future,” Boyzuick said. “Over time, as volume continues to grow, we will continue to add more customer service enhancements.” Previously, the company only offered a surcharged Saturday service that was mainly utilized for B2B Express packages.

Metzler went on to say, “LSO is on track to grow its e-commerce business by nearly 185% this year and ~70% overall. For anyone involved in parcel shipping, it is a blinding statement of the obvious that there will be much more demand than capacity again in Peak 2021. Therefore, for those looking to peak season capacity, now is the time to do so, not in August. I would be surprised if my friends and colleagues at Lasership, Ontrac, and United Delivery Service didn’t emphasize this point just as strongly as I am trying to do.  Together, we cover nearly ~3/4th of the U.S. population and e-commerce delivery order volume across the country, but the time to plan and implement is now.”

About LSO

Lone Star Overnight (LSO™) is headquartered in Austin, TX and over the last 30 years has become the leading regional parcel delivery company throughout the Southwest. LSO has a network of 23 operating locations and serves all 3,000 zip codes in Texas, ~10% of all e-commerce orders in the USA and 80% of the population in Oklahoma, Eastern New Mexico and Western Louisiana. See for additional details.

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