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As of 8/8/23 LSO no longer offers shipping supplies. Any outstanding orders will not be fulfilled. LSO will accept any packaging as long as it has an LSO airbill

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With New Delivery Technology and Thoughtful Practices, We’re One Step Ahead of UPS and FedEx in this Tentative Environment

June 3, 2023

LSO is focused on developing contingency plans and precautionary measures to protect our customers, our employees, and our delivery drivers as the COVID19 virus spread. While many workers across the country are vacating their offices and working remotely, that’s not possible for most of us in the parcel delivery business. The rules of the day insisted that new business practices ensure the safety of those working in the industry as well as those consumers receiving deliveries each day.

FedEx and UPS have recently announced a change in their signature rules for package deliveries. FedEx said it’s suspending the need to sign for most packages. UPS is also forgoing routine signatures. For packages that legally require a signature, such as the delivery of alcohol, UPS drivers can now leave a sticky note on the door or the package while stepping a safe distance away. The customer then signs the paper, which is then picked up by the UPS employee after the customer has left the immediate area.

But wait a minute? What’s wrong with that picture? Didn’t the driver and the customer both just touch the same piece of paper with their bare hands in a very short period of time?

LSO has developed a much safer option for package deliveries. First of all, starting next week, all of our drivers will be required to wear gloves when delivering a package. And even better, LSO’s mobile-enabled delivery technology ensures the safety of both parties when a signature is required.  

LSO allows the customer to sign next to the label on the package itself. The driver then takes a picture of the signature that is part of our delivery record in our system that can provide real proof of delivery without the risk.  This allows us to provide faster and more accurate deliveries, in-transit information to the customer, it’s now helping us protect the health and safety of LSO drivers and our valued customers. How’s that for multitasking?

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