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Lone Star Overnight Continues to Consistently Exceed 98% On-Time Service Reliability as E-Commerce Package Volumes Surge During COVID-19

June 3, 2023

LSO/Lone Star Overnight, the leading regional parcel delivery carrier in the Southwest region of the United States, provided an update to its employees, drivers, and customers on the company’s performance since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March.

According to President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Metzler, “We want to convey what we are seeing from a volume, service and safety perspective since mid-March. On behalf of all of us at LSO, we hope that everyone reading this is safe and that your businesses are doing as well as humanly possible under the unique challenges posed to our country and the world by COVID-19.”

Metzler went on to say, “The LSO team has continued to deliver on-time delivery parcel reliability that is consistently at or above 98%. At the same time, unlike FedEx, we are not capping parcel volumes from any of our customers.”

Mr. Metzler also said, “We are open for business and happy to help any company that needs additional parcel delivery capacity in Texas, Oklahoma, and Western Louisiana during these challenging times. Many new and existing pharmaceutical, medical supplies, personal care, consumer electronics, and food shippers are coming to us for reliable delivery capacity that they may not be able to find elsewhere.”

According to Chief Operating Officer, Michael Boyzuick, “Our entire team and everyone driving for LSO are complying with all of the CDC guidelines, using common sense and leveraging our unique technology to be safe every day. See for details. Safety of our people and our customers always has, and always will be, job one at LSO.”

Boyzuick also commented, “One key difference with safety at LSO is that our technology allows us to have our customers sign the actual package being delivered, take a picture of the package with the signature on it and then insert this new form of proof of delivery into our customer service system. Our approach is different than FedEx and UPS. There is no exchange of pens, paper, or handheld devices. It is the least we can do for our people and our customers.”

LSO/Lone Star Overnight is the leading regional, express and ground parcel delivery company throughout the Southwest United States, to include every address, and 30 million consumers in Texas and the majority of the populations in Oklahoma and Western Louisiana.

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