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Lone Star Overnight (LSO™) Shares 2022 Regional Shipping Predictions, Preparations for Peak Season

June 3, 2023
LSO/ Lone Star Overnight


Regional shipping services company is planning for the 2022 peak season to ensure timely delivery.

Forecasting significant stresses on shippers and carriers, Lone Star Overnight (LSO™) is preparing now for peak shipping season 2022.

The regional shipping services company, which serves 43 million people in Texas and the south-central United States, expects the record-breaking 2021 holiday season to continue with high volumes through the second quarter of 2022. High levels of imports because of ongoing consumer demand and existing backlogs, as well as economic growth, will drive demand for shippers. Meanwhile, supply chain issues will hinder carriers seeking to improve or expand their fleets.

Those trends mean both shippers and carriers should plan now, work together and make adjustments, said Sean O'Connor, chief operating officer and president of LSO.

"Regional shippers must prepare now for sustained pressure on trucking and intermodal transportation, through the second quarter and probably well beyond," he said. "The best thing shippers can do to maximize service and minimize cost is to finalize peak forecasts and operational implementation plans regardless of their carrier choice."

LSO is implementing changes based on its lessons learned from the 2021 peak season. That includes:

  • Working with shippers to ensure everyone makes plans on accurate forecasting
  • Planning well ahead of time to provide services for packages LSO knows are coming
  • Ensuring sufficient revenue throughout the year to be able to "ramp up" for peak season
  • Considering limiting or reducing LSO's number of clients to ensure it provides premium service

As LSO continues to expand its service area, it also anticipates growth from shippers seeking an alternative to the industry giants. "Our customers have shared with us that they're shifting from national shippers to LSO for three key reasons: better service, significant savings, and flexibility," O'Connor said. "We'll be prepared to deliver for them in peak season 2022."

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